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Track 1 of 5 in the EP 'Shallows'. A concept album of love, betrayal and heartbreak.
Something is not right in your relationship. You choose to ignore your intuitions, afraid of what you will find. You stay loving them blindly.


All eyes on me,
everybody is waiting to see how
I am going to deal with you now.
You're the poison,
infecting my brain telling me 'it's okay,
time to move on, theres nothing to see here.'
I keep denying what i know is true.
I keep on forcing myself to stay in love with you.
I keep Ignoring it so i fail to see,
you're the cancer in my heart and you're killing me.

Oh I'm, I'm blindly loving you.

Oh, I've stalled
caught between what I know and how I feel,
I think it's time that I should move on.
Cos you're the poison,
keeping my sight from me keeping me blind,
blinded by love, hopelessly lost to you.

I keep on loving you, loving you blindly.


from Shallows, released March 3, 2014
Written, produced and performed by Tom Bem,
Co-Written and Co-Produced by Dexter Britain
Copyright 2013



all rights reserved


Tom Bem London, UK

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